Frozen track.

The coffee where I work sucks. It’s a Starbucks, which is already pretty burnt tasting, but this is a just a “we proudly brew Starbucks…” type of place and whatever they’re pouring tastes the water used to douse out a campfire.

It’s pretty cold out these days; Mid-teens to low-thirties. Being an Arizona native this whole freezing thing still strikes awe in me. Coming out to my car in the morning to find yesterday’s waterbottle half frozen solid. I remember back in Phoenix we had to take everything out of the car in the summers in case it might melt. Cassette and VHS tapes in particular, that thin film and the plastic housing around it would melt down and render it unusable. First world problems, to be sure.

My real sticking point with this whole cold weather thing, is that it’s not exactly comfortable to wear sandals all the time. I mean, my “real” day job isn’t exactly a Chacos environment, but even on weekends… Don’t misunderstand, barring more than four inches of snow cover I’ll have my toes out as long as I’m not going to be outside for an extended period of time, but it’s not the enjoyable experience I yearn for. It does make spring that much sweater, though.