My professional journey has been a long, winding road. With switchbacks and downed trees blocking the path. The view to the top promising but obscured. I’ve always felt like I needed to prove something. To prove I was legitimate in some sense. Lately, that has manifested in my taking on every side project that was offered and I would stress and slave trying to get things done on time, and learning new tricks and methods because I would accept work that wasn’t particularly “in my wheelhouse”.

Though I can be a workaholic, that’s not who I am. So I’m taking a bit of a step back. I have my regular Monday-through-Friday design job (which I love) and that’s really all I need. There are a couple of things I do on the side for clients but I’ve decided to take a slightly more selfish approach and try to scratch my personal creative itch. A couple of new ideas have come to focus in these recent weeks of reflection and I’m excited again. Hopefully I’ll be able to share something soon enough.

Then again, maybe I’ll just keep it for myself. Like those two giant bags of chexmix on our kitchen table.