The list keeps getting longer and more convoluted. Keeping it all sorted and meeting deadlines is 60% of the of the struggle, yet arguably the easiest. It’s all about the process and sticking with it. I read this book many years ago, sometime not too long out of college, called Getting Things Done. It’s quite popular, good chance you’ve at least heard of it, and the main takeaway (for me) is relatively simple: keep all of your shit in one place, be intentional with it, and check it often.

If your mind is anything like mine, it’s jumbled, wandering, curious, creative, and the last place to trust with keeping track of details. Taking notes are key, but those only work if you don’t lose them and frequently look at them. Write all of your notes, deadlines, plans, phone numbers, events, priorities, jokes, names, and ideas down in one thing. One notebook or app, doesn’t really matter. But that is now your life’s bible. Follow it religiously and don’t waiver.

That and being a good, decent, human-being is the key to general success.

How’s that for some Friday pontificating?