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Sticker Projects

I've always loved stickers. Back in the day they were the real kind that you'd stick to your Nalgene, Thule box, or laptop. I still do that, but in the day-and-age of the iPhone we're blessed to have iMessage Sticker Packs and I'm losing my mind working on several sticker projects simultaneously.

Peruse my current projects and feel free to buy packs for you, your friends, and at least one person you don't like all that much. If you need help with sticker packs, the simplist explaination I've come across is this Youtube video.

Tempe Diablos

This is my first release, a bit of an homage to my alma mater and the group of friends I've been tailgating with off-and-on since the early 2000's. A niche sticker pack indeed, but I think there are plenty of ASU fans out there who will get some good use out of this. Download from the App Store

15 forkin' awesome stickers with more in the works.

Up your texting game with friends.

Give your enemies the harshest of burns.


The Palouse — The region of the Inland Northwest where I live is referred to as the Palouse, an area of rolling hills, big skies, and beautiful sunsets.

The Cascades — My favorite thing about living the in the Northwest has got to be the sticky IPAs. So tasty. Besdies that, the Cascades mountain range is my church. The views are mind blowing and the physical challenges these mountains present keep me humbled.



Designer and dog dad currently living & working out of Pullman, Washington.

I have been designing visual materials and websites for ten-plus years, initially having cut my teeth as the content creator for a craft brewery and on a plethora of projects for small business and event promotions.

In previous professional lives I've worked as a Habitat Biologist, Zookeeper, and Rockclimbing Instructor. This variety of experience has shaped the way I envision new projects and where I draw much of my inspiration. I love adventures and am always looking for the next epic in work and life. When I'm not at the j-o-b I'm getting lost somewhere around the Pacific Northwest.

Though not actively seeking freelance work, I'm always interested in creating new things with interesting people & their projects. Hit me up on email at or you can DM me on Twitter @sk_aught

My resume is available here.